Hotspot client for Android

This hotspot client allows you to login conveniently to any wifi hotspot in train stations, airports, hotels... It has been tested with iPass only but should work with other hotspots supporting the WISPr protocol. It works on Android 1.1 and 1.5.

You need a registered account with a hotspot provider. This application does not provide free accounts. You do not need this application for free hotspots, only for paying hotspots.

Q: How do I install it?
A: The easiest way is to install "HotspotConnect" from the Android Market. Click here if you are reading this from your phone. Otherwise search for "hotspot" or scan the QR code below to download HotspotConnect-1.0.6.apk.

Q: I am a T-Mobile customer. Do I need this app?
A: You can use the T-Mobile HotSpot Connect application instead to connect to T-Mobile hotspots. But T-Mobile removed their app from the market. You can try using this one instead (see below).

Q: Is this an official client made by
A: No, this is a generic client for any hotspot conforming to the WISPr protocol.

Q: I forgot the password for my hotspot provider. Should I enter my email password instead?
A: NO! Don't give your email password to random hotspots.

Q: My hotspot provider is iPass and I can't login
A: Make sure your email address and password are set correctly. Enable wifi, and check that you are connected to the correct hotspot. This application does not (yet) select the correct hotspot automatically if several are available. If your wifi connection is not stable, try moving to get a stronger signal. If you've done all this and still cannot login, please install SendLog from the market. Run HotspotConnect then right afterwards run SendLog using the default "time" format to send me the logs at android @gailly. net. (You can also send the logs to you first, check that they don't contain any sensitive information then forward them to me.)

Q: My hotspot provider is not iPass and I can't login
A: In the field "Email address" type a space then the username expected by your provider. For example T-Mobile expects a 10-digit phone number instead of an email address. Instead of a space you may have to put your provider name followed by a slash. I am not able to test providers other than iPass; if you manage to connect please tell me how you did it android @gailly. net.

Q: How is the password secured?
A: It is currently stored in plaintext on the phone, but it is not readable by other applications. It is readable with root access. If you are paranoid, save only the username, not the password, and type the password at each use. The username and password are only sent to the hotspots your are connecting to.

Planned for future versions:
- autodetect all wispr-enabled hotspots, allow selecting any of them
- add a Logout button
- show icon in status bar while connected

Jean-loup Gailly


- 1.0.6:
. To support other providers, do not force leading IPASS/ if email starts with a space or contains a slash.
. Set orientation according to user preferences (for Android 1.5).

- 1.0.5:
. Set orientation according to sensor.
. Save and login buttons were hidden in landscape orientation.

- 1.0.4:
. support hotspot proxy

- 1.0.3:
. decode correctly the UTF-8 hotspot location
. successful login was sometimes reported as failure
. verify that login really succeeded by fetching another page

You can see your installed version by pressing the menu button then About.